Lucky Stars at a Glance

The Lucky Stars Club Action Index

    • Fishiness (Higher Is Better)85%
    • Nittiness >1-2 (Lower Is Better)41%

      Any club we recommend to our players will have action, but some will be more action oriented than others at certain levels. Stakes below 1-2 are always considered fishy and rec oriented.
350 Players

Peak Simultaneous Traffic

Key Strengths

  • PLO8

  • NLHE - Low Stakes

  • PLO - Low Stakes

  • OFC

    These are the primary specialties of the club. Every club has the ability to spread the games players want, but the best action for certain games tends solidify around 1 or 2 different unions, or in this case, the club's specialty.

Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars is an independent club on PokerBros. This means that liquidity is not shared among other clubs in a union. It also means that the management of the club is much more involved and responsive to player needs than many union affiliate clubs. Lucky Stars is a group of live players that originate from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. It focuses on low stakes games similar to entry level 1-2 games in a casino.

Games Spread

In this club, they like playing NLHE as much as PLO8, but it depends on the night. Typically there are five or so solid cash games running, and feeder games will be short-handed. If a game develops around a spot, typically games will run around them in their preferred format until they get the spot, or the spot was just a LAG who ended up making spots out of everyone else. TAG play is frowned upon, but like a live casino, games loosen up as the night goes on.

When to Play

You want to base your play here around the East Coast USA primetime. You will likely only find a couple tables running 24/7. In the winter or when there are weather events, the play seems to spike. Even if you are not from the DMV, pay attention to trends in the region. If there is a big live event going, there might not be as many games that week. As the old English adage goes in poker, a hand not worth £2 at 5pm all of a sudden can be worth £200 at 11pm (historical poker room closing time in the UK). The games might not ever close here, but it’s best to play when there is peak traffic for multiple reasons.


One of the fun parts of being in an independent club is the old school feeling of daily MTTs. While there aren’t so many MTTs on Lucky Stars, when they do go off, they have all the people you know from the ring games and it becomes more of a skill game instead of the large field turbo bingo fests found on some of the unions. While you might not scoop the biggest win, for some it can be much easier to stay a winner in small field MTTs against people you know the game of.


Lucky Stars is a real club with many people who know each other in real life. This leads to fun promotions such as Deal or no Deal, and other ring game promos that incentivize keeping your leather behind right in your seat. This is not the club if you like hitting and running before people get to adapt to your style. Promotions encourage healthy games and friendly action.

1What is Lucky Stars and how is it different from union affiliate clubs?

A: Lucky Stars is an independent club on PokerBros. It does not share liquidity with other clubs in a union and has a management that is more involved and responsive to player needs. This club focuses on low stakes games and has its origins in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area.

2What types of games are popular in Lucky Stars?

A: In Lucky Stars, players enjoy NLHE and PLO8 depending on the night. The club typically runs solid cash games, and the gaming style changes as the night progresses.

3When is the best time to play in Lucky Stars?

A: Players are advised to base their play around the East Coast USA prime time. There may be a spike in play during the winter or when there are weather events, even though a few tables run 24/7.

4What should I know about MTTs in Lucky Stars?

A: MTTs in Lucky Stars give an old-school gaming feel. Although not numerous, when they do occur, they gather known ring game players, making it more of a skill game. Winning in small field MTTs can be easier for some players.

5What kinds of promotions does Lucky Stars offer?

A: Lucky Stars offers fun promotions like Deal or no Deal, and other ring game promos that encourage players to stay longer. It’s a club for players who like engaging games rather than being a hit-and-run artist.