List of PokerBros Unions

This is a list of PokerBros unions we are agents in. A union is a conglomerate of private clubs that share a chip pool for games and tournaments that are connected to the union. To participate in a union (and access the MTT guarantees and jackpots of them) you will need to be a member of a private club within that union. That's where we come in as agents. We get you in the clubs that get you in the unions!

Spicy Latin centric action with crazy high stakes tilt fests

Union Panamericana


One of the hottest unions on PokerBros

RGS Union


Find the biggest MTT guarantees on Diamond

Diamond Union


Action oriented ring games

Pacifica Union


Mid-stakes paradise with donkey fauna

Paradise Union

About PokerBros Unions

Unions are collectives of clubs that share chip ‘liquidity’ and players. As the world shut down for the ‘thing’ we all got locked down in our houses for, poker went in a fascinating new direction. Players who played in the past, and many new players flocked to the name brand sites like PartyPoker, Pokerstars, ACR, and Bovada only to find things were not at all what they used to be. With everyone online simultaneously, new communities were formed, and people got back to the grind, but this time on PokerBros.

During this dark, but sociable time, many people got into Web3, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. This coincided perfectly with the new decentralized structure of poker clubs that eventually consolidated into unions. As people went back to work, traffic has declined on the poker app games since the C-word boom days, but action still remains very solid thanks to the concept of unions. Clubs who relied on their whole player pool to have 24/7 games running now needed to join a union so their players could continue to play in the same way, no matter when they chose to play. However, app games like PokerBros continue to annihilate the competition of centralized legacy sites that have been mired in more and more regulation that splits player pools. With PokerBros, the player pools became unified.

Chasing Chips In the Third Boom

One of the unexpected results of this consolidation has coincided with the golden era of poker streams. If you have seen new media influencers like Mariano and Rampage gamble for insane pots, it is likely due to the success of PokerBros poker clubs and other popular poker apps. Their success in streams then drives the best advertising for the game, and gets more people interested in playing. There is now momentum that can sustain the ecology of the games and tournaments people want to play. PokerBros unions operate in much the same manner by sponsoring more and more live events. Given the popularity of crypto (even down a bunch), and the pent-up thirst for travel, we expect the games to become healthier in the years coming. Now is really as good a time as ever to grind on the virtual felt.

Joining a Union

To get involved in a union, you will need to be a member of a club that is in that particular union. While unions offer agents and super agents deals, clubs offer players deals. As agents, we match you with the club that best suits your interests in playing. A large number of players focus exclusively on MTTs. This means that they might want to join two or three of the most active unions with large guaranteed chip pools. We can facilitate players joining multiple PokerBros clubs in one go. We are your one-stop shop to get involved in the PokerBros poker scene.

Connecting With Us

To connect with us you can click on the red button links which will connect you to our Telegram and WhatsApp. One of our player specialists will work with you to get you started. They will explain to you how everything works, and answer any of your questions. Unlike traditional poker apps, you will be in contact frequently with us to top-up or reconcile balances. If you are an agent under us this will be every week. If you are just playing, this is 24/7.

1What are PokerBros Unions and how do they benefit players?

A: PokerBros Unions are collectives of clubs that share chip liquidity and players. This arrangement is beneficial as it allows for a more extensive player pool, which means more games and bigger tournaments. Unions also enable clubs to run games 24/7, as players from different time zones can participate.

2How has the online poker landscape changed recently?

A: The online poker landscape has evolved significantly, especially during the lockdowns caused by the C-word. During this period, there was a surge in online traffic as people turned to online poker for entertainment. Additionally, the rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs coincided with the decentralized structure of poker clubs. There is now a consolidation into unions and a renewed interest in poker through live streams and social media.

3What is the third boom in poker and how is it related to PokerBros Unions?

A: The third boom in poker is characterized by the consolidation of online poker clubs into unions and the surge in popularity of poker streams and social media influencers. PokerBros Unions are contributing to this boom by sponsoring live events and capitalizing on the golden era of poker streams. This creates an advertising loop that brings in more players and sustains the ecology of games and tournaments.

4What are the steps to join a PokerBros Union?

A: To join a PokerBros Union, you need to be a member of a club that is part of the union. Unions offer deals to agents and clubs offer deals to players. As an agent, it’s important to find a club that aligns with your playing interests. Many players join multiple unions to have access to a wider range of games and tournaments.

5How can I get in touch for more information or to join a PokerBros Union?

A: To get in touch, you can click on the contact links, typically red buttons, which will connect you to Telegram and WhatsApp. Player specialists will be available to help you get started, explain how everything works, and answer any questions. Regular contact is maintained for topping up or reconciling balances.