RGS at a Glance

The RGS Union Action Index

    • Fishiness (Higher Is Better)72%
    • Nittiness >1-2 (Lower Is Better)41%

      Any union we recommend to our players will have action, but some will be more action oriented than others at certain levels. Stakes below 1-2 are always considered fishy and rec oriented.
1850 Players

Peak Simultaneous Traffic

Key Strengths

  • Double Flop PLO

  • Big xMTT Guarantees

  • PLO8 - Low/Mid Stakes

  • Mixed Games

  • NLHE - Low Stakes

  • Spin-Its

    These are the primary specialties of the union. Every union has the ability to spread the games players want, but the best action for certain games tends solidify around 1 or 2 different unions.

The Run Good Streets are United

RGS Union

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Double-Flop, MTTs, PLO8 & More

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As the world of online poker continues to evolve, RGS Union stands out as a gem in the rough. If you’re a serious online poker player, you probably know how crucial it is to find a good platform to play on. Well, your search may just be over! In this comprehensive RGS Union review, we will dissect what makes it a hotspot for players who crave intense action, diversity, and consistent gaming experience. From 6-card PLO to NLHE, from small stakes to mid-stakes, RGS Union has got you covered!

What is RGS Union?

RGS Union is a conglomerate of private clubs within the PokerBros app. It’s among the top unions in terms of traffic, and with players from around the world, you’re sure to find thrilling action at most hours of the day. What’s even more exciting is that RGS spreads PLO8, and double-flop 4-card PLO which is a unique selling point compared to other unions.

The Eclectic Variety of Games

One of the features that set RGS apart is its game variety. Again with double-flop plo versus the most popularly spread 6-card variant. However, don’t underestimate the traditional NLHE action; if you like playing against beginners, this might just be your playground. However, high-stakes NLHE action is a bit scarce.

The MTTs: A Treat For Tournament Lovers

RGS Union’s MTT action is unparalleled. With one of the best mid-stakes MTT lineups, it offers daily guaranteed tournaments with feeder satellites ensuring at least 5 seats. For a buy-in range of 1 to 35 chips you can also try your luck at jackpot Spin-Its (like Spin-n-Goes), which run on RGS, unlike many other unions.

RGS Union’s Global Appeal

What makes RGS stand out is its international player base. With the PokerBros app, you can access the RGS Union and engage with players from different parts of the world, including less represented countries South Africa, Spain, and Korea. This not only enriches your gaming experience but also provides an excellent opportunity to improve your skills.

PokerBros App: The Heart of RGS Union

RGS Union is accessible through the PokerBros app, which can be installed on your mobile devices whether Android or iOS. The PokerBros APK file is easy to download, and you can also find it on Google Play. What’s impressive is the user-friendly interface of the PokerBros app. For those who wish to use HUDs, it is important to note that they are available on things like Bluestacks emulator, but the union decides which tables they are legal on.

Security and Fair Play

For the skeptics out there wondering, “Is PokerBros rigged?”, rest assured, the platform takes fair play and security seriously. Random number generators ensure the unpredictability of cards, and stringent measures are in place to deter any fraudulent activities, including the use of bots. Club owners work together to tackle suspicious play.

Customer Support and Chip Transactions

An important aspect of any online poker app is its customer support. RGS Union provides players with excellent customer service and kicks out agents if they break the rules. Whether you have queries regarding gameplay, transactions, or need assistance with any technical issues, our support team is swift and efficient in addressing your concerns on RGS.

Final Thoughts

RGS Union, with its integration with PokerBros, is a remarkable destination for poker enthusiasts around the world. With a diversity of games, including the unique PLO8 and double-flop 4-card PLO, an array of tournaments, and an international player base, it’s a compelling choice for both casual and serious players.

Moreover, its commitment to security and fair play, coupled with an excellent customer support and a variety of options for managing chips, makes it a reliable and enjoyable platform.

Whether you are looking to hone your skills, play for fun, or challenge yourself in high-stakes games, RGS Union is an ultimate destination that caters to a wide spectrum of poker aficionados.

If you’re looking to join a dynamic and exciting poker community, consider giving RGS Union a try. Its eclectic mix of games and international player base will not only keep you entertained but also offer ample opportunities to develop and refine your poker skills.

1What is RGS Union and what makes it unique?

A: RGS Union is an assembly of private poker clubs available within the PokerBros app. It stands out for having high traffic with players from all over the world, and for offering unique games such as PLO8 and double-flop 4-card PLO, which are not commonly found in other poker unions.

2What types of games can I play on RGS Union?

A: RGS Union boasts an eclectic variety of games including double-flop PLO and PLO8. Along with these unique offerings, you can also engage in traditional No-Limit Hold’em (NLHE). While high-stakes NLHE is less prevalent, RGS Union is a haven for players looking for diverse poker options and those keen on playing against beginners.

3What kind of tournaments are available at RGS Union?

A: RGS Union excels in providing Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs), especially in the mid-stakes range. It features daily guaranteed tournaments with feeder satellites that ensure at least 5 seats. Additionally, players can participate in jackpot Spin-Its for a buy-in range of 1 to 35 chips, a feature exclusive to RGS Union.

4How can I access RGS Union and what devices are supported?

A: RGS Union is accessible through the PokerBros app, which supports mobile devices exclusively. You can easily download the PokerBros APK file from Google Play. The app has a user-friendly interface and allows the use of HUDs through Bluestacks emulator, though the union decides the legality of HUDs at specific tables.

5What measures does RGS Union take to ensure security and fair play?

A: RGS Union is committed to ensuring a secure and fair playing environment. It employs random number generators to maintain the randomness of card dealing. Stringent measures are in place to prevent fraud and the use of bots. Additionally, club owners collaborate to monitor and address any suspicious activity to maintain the integrity of the games.